Discover the sweet goodness of Manuka honey

Helpful for everything from a sore throat to skin blemishes, this special honey, produced in Australia, can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways.

“If everything is honey and I am what I eat, I must be made of honey and life is very sweet,” said the fictional teddy bear Winnie-the-Pooh.

And it seems wise-old Pooh was on to something way more than just deliciousness.

The medicinal goodness of honey

Humans have used honey for health and healing for thousands of years.

In modern times its medicinal, antimicrobial and relieving properties continue to be uncovered.

A natural product formed from the nectar of flowers by honeybees, the golden goodness that is honey contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants that all contribute to its wellness benefits.

The special power of Manuka honey

Manuka honey is produced from the nectar of different species of leptospermum plants, native to both Australia and New Zealand.

It contains a heightened stable form of natural antibacterial activity, thought to be due to a naturally occurring chemical methylglyoxal (MGO).

Manuka honey can contain more than 70 times the level of MGO found in normal honeys.

The term “Manuka honey” has been used in Australia since the 1800s and a five-year study found that Australia produces some of the most active medical-grade high-potency antibacterial Manuka honey in the world.

How sweet it is

With more than 140 years of expertise in honey, Barnes Naturals uses only the finest, authentic Australian Manuka honey, independently tested to guarantee its MGO content.

With a lighter, creamier taste, there are many ways to enjoy Barnes Naturals Active Manuka Honey every day. Here are just three:

  1. Use it to boost your smoothies, drizzle over yoghurt or as a healthier spread for sandwiches, toast or even on crackers or a piece of fruit.
  2. For a sore throat, try mixing some Barnes Naturals Active Manuka Honey into a soothing tea with lemon and ginger, or take a teaspoon straight from the jar.
  3. To help soothe skin, gently apply a small amount to the affected area. The soft and creamy texture of the honey also makes it perfect for a gentle and nourishing DIY face mask, for those times you need a natural skincare boost.

Barnes Naturals 100 per cent Australian Active Manuka honey comes in a range of strengths to suit every health need, from MGO 100+ up to MGO 550+.

With its luxurious creamy texture, this better-for-you honey can be enjoyed by the whole family. Sweet!

 * This post is brought to you by Barnes Naturals Active Manuka Honey.