Purr-fect pet-friendly holiday destinations

Animals are a big part of many families so it makes sense we want to take them with us when we go away. Here are some great pet friendly holiday destinations.

Whether it’s going on a long walk with your dog, or cuddling on the couch with your cat, everyone loves to spend time with their pets.

President of the Australian Small Animal Veterinarians Group, Dr David Lee, says bonding with a pet companion is really positive for our mental health.

“Things that we do with our pets and what the pets give back to us really does help to enrich our mental status,” Dr Lee says.

Tommi Nordstrom, co-founder of Pupsy, a dog-oriented experience finder, says having an energetic pet like a dog can encourage you to be more active and social.

“We’ll be walking, and then get stopped by people we don’t know just because of the dog, and then end up having a really nice conversation,” Tommi says.

Holidaying with your pet

Our pets become an important part of the family, so it makes sense we might want to include them when we go away.

The experts say our taking our pets with us on holiday can be good for them.

Dr Lee explains the mental stimulation that the change of scenery can benefit pets who struggle with behavioral issues at home, like chewing on furniture or excessive barking.

“Because they’re getting that environmental and physical enrichment, they’re then actually just going to be happier and more relaxed when at home,” Dr Lee says.

Things to know before you pack your bags

Dr Lee says before travelling, pet owners should visit the vet within the last six months, to keep on top of preventative care like vaccinations or parasite control.

“Making sure that things like microchip and identification details are all correct, just in case they do lose their pet while they’re away,” Dr Lee says.

“An increasingly positive thing across the industry is that we are finding more and more animals are insured.”

Tommi says it’s important to research the pet-specific details of your accommodation and find nearby animal friendly activities.

Top pet-friendly holiday ideas

Tommi says many holiday destinations are suitable for pets such as countryside stays, wine regions and beach holidays.

“The sky’s the limit on what you can do,” he says.

Here are some of his pet-friendly picks:

Victoria – Great Ocean Road


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Get your playlist ready and hop in the car with your pet for your next getaway.

With plenty of dog friendly beaches and restaurants along the Great Ocean Road, the whole family will be sure to have a great time.      

Queensland- Beach holiday

Head up north for the best pet friendly beach holidays in the country.

After spending your day in the sun, cool off at the dog friendly bars and cafes scattered along either The Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast.

South Australia – Winery tour

Wine and dine with your dog on your next holiday.

Choose from a range of pet-friendly cellar doors nestled in the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale, and enjoy a pinot with your pet.

Farm Stays – Australia

There are loads of places to let your pets run free on a farm stay around Australia, from the Victorian High Country to the picturesque Blue Mountains in NSW.

Riparide offer a host of pet-friendly accommodation for the urban hound to unleash their inner farm dog and explore the vast outdoors with their human crew.


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Written by Ruby Oosthuizen and Katelin Cameron.