Tadhg Kennelly: How male connection has a powerful domino effect

21 October, 2023 . by Claire Burke

https://youtu.be/OsMMBRSNyPw Too many men find it difficult to admit when they’re struggling. Former AFL player Tadhg Kennelly wants to change that.


Chasing happiness won’t make you happy. Do this instead

15 August, 2023 . by Claire Burke

Are you constantly striving for happiness? Experts say you may be happier if you give up the chase.


All Blacks legend Dan Carter on living life with purpose

7 August, 2023 . by Claire Burke

From philanthropy to inspiring others and the debut of a new fragrance, All Blacks superstar Dan Carter has never been more passionate about life.


How to make friends as an adult without the awkwardness

23 June, 2023 . by christine joy magat

Feel like your friendship circle is dwindling, or new mates are harder to come by? Making friends as adults can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Can your birth order determine your attitude to fitness?

14 May, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

Does the order you are born in play a part in how you approach fitness, and can it impact your health in later life? Here’s what the experts say.


Is the Harvard Plan the healthiest diet you’ve never heard of?

1 May, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

The Mediterranean diet has long been the gold standard for healthy eating and longevity, but a new approach known as the Harvard Plan may be even better.


Gaming for good: How it can boost mental health and social connection

1 March, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

Too often seen as a path to pent-up frustration and aggression, video gaming might actually be good for your mental health. Here’s how.


Why New Year’s resolutions often fail – and what to do instead

2 January, 2023 . by Raymond Suba

Forget rolling out the same old New Year’s resolutions. To stick to your goals, experts say you need to choose intentions that tie in with a sense of purpose.


Why purpose boosts health and happiness

4 January, 2022 . by Michelle Rose

A better memory, greater resilience and even a longer life: Why it’s worth having a purpose – and how to find one.