An Organised Life: How to stay on track

Staying on top of things all year is far more straightforward than we may want to admit, says Beck Wadworth from ‘An Organised Life’.

Now that the New Year isn’t so new, many of us have already tossed aside our resolutions for the year, returning to our disorganised default because goals can often be intimidating.

“Big yearly goals are definitely easy to lose sight of unless you put a bit of a plan in place,” says Beck Wadworth, founder of stationery brand An Organised Life.

Beck recommends a rewards system if you struggle to commit to your goals.

“I set stepping stones each month or so to help achieve my goals and also to celebrate the small successes along the way, it helps keep me motivated,” she says.

“For example, if my main goal was to concentrate on saving for a trip to New York, I would set myself smaller targets each month then celebrate by booking my flights.”

It’s all in the attitude

Contrary to popular belief, being organised isn’t a talent, personality trait or a gift; it’s simply a habit developed in the same way as joining the gym or taking up a hobby.

“I definitely think (disorganisation) is a habit that can be broken. If you struggle to stay organised I would suggest going back to basics,” Beck says.

  • Use a diary. This will help you stay on top of your schedule and is a lifesaver when it comes to planning in advance.
  • Try to isolate the reason that’s preventing you from staying organised. If you can identify the problem then it’s easier to overcome the hurdle.
  • Write a daily to-do list every evening, prioritise your to-do list in order of urgency and start ticking boxes.
  • Start focusing on your time management and setting realistic time frames.

Clear space = clear mind

Have you noticed organised people tend to be meticulous about their living spaces?

This is because clean spaces are beneficial for our mental state and this is reaffirmed when tidiness is maintained.

A tidy living area is a sure-fire way to promote productivity and a clear head. Clean rooms are linked to improved health, alertness and an overall satisfied mental state, whereas studies have found messy, cluttered spaces can exacerbate anxiety and depression.

Get in the habit

Approach organisation as you would with any lifestyle change, with baby steps, consistency and commitment to your end goal.

Such principles were adopted by Beck when launching An Organised Life in 2014. With a successful, established brand now behind her, the proof is evident.

“I did not have any previous business experience so there has been a lot of learning and growing along the way,” she says.

“In the past 12 months I finally feel like I have enough knowledge in all areas of my business to develop my brand and grow it into something bigger. Watch this space!”

Credit: An Organised Life

Beck’s top three tips for staying organised

  • A place for everything and everything in it’s place. The key to storage is not keeping as much as you can, but being able to find what you need any time you need it.
  • Set realistic deadlines, learn how to plan and create a schedule. Having systems in place eliminates the hassle of forgetting any elements of your task.
  • Setting priorities is crucial to gaining control of your responsibilities. Make a list of all tasks and allocate a realistic amount of time to each. Be flexible but be clear on what’s important.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett