Why lash extensions are out of favour and what to do instead

Over the past decade, lash extensions have been a top beauty trend. Now dramatic falsies are being ditched in favour of a more natural style.

Ever since the lash extension industry exploded more than a decade ago, demand for semi-permanent false lashes has remained a consistent beauty trend.

But that’s starting to change, mainly because of the rise of minimalist trends in fashion and beauty.

In Australia, we’re moving away from dramatic and obvious beauty treatments in favour of more subtle, natural-looking enhancements.


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Why lash extensions are on the way out

Brow House Studio owner Jaymee McGowan says social media platforms and influencers are playing a huge role in what her clients are asking for.

“Everything goes full circle, so I’m not surprised that more Australians are going for a more natural beauty look these days,” Melbourne-based Jaymee says.

Jaymee says people are skipping lash extensions because of the time and costs involved.

“Lash extensions are quite high-maintenance,” she adds.

The average person requires refills every three weeks, while a full eyelash installation requires 90 to 120 minutes of sitting still with your eyes closed.

“Paired with the demand for a more natural look, these are the main reasons women are moving away from extensions,” Jaymee says.

Alternatives to eyelash extensions

Many seasoned lash extension users are going cold turkey, and are refamiliarising themselves with an old make-up favourite – mascara.

However, lash lifts and lash tints, which work to enhance your natural eyelashes, have experienced growing demand as a more subtle, less costly alternative to lash extensions.

Jaymee, who offers lash and tint services at her brow studio, has noticed an upsurge in clients requesting these beauty treatments.

“We’ve absolutely noticed more demand,” Jaymee explains.

She says lash lifts and lash tints are popular over holidays because they don’t require upkeep; and you can still look “put together” while barefaced.

Some of Jaymee’s clients are also former lash extension users seeking more subtle enhancements.

“Clients don’t have the money or time to spend on refills every couple of weeks,” Jamie says, adding that the “clean girl” trend has been a driving force behind people ditching lash extensions in favour of lash lifts and tints.


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Ready to try a lash lift and lash tint instead?

While lash lifts and tints are straightforward beauty services, it’s still important to request a patch test to reduce any risk of an allergic reaction.

“As always, with any treatment, there are pros and cons, which is why it’s important to do your research and seek a reputable lash expert,” Jaymee says.

Before you go ahead, Jaymee suggests considering the look you’re after, and the level of maintenance you’re comfortable with.

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Written by Charlotte Brundrett.