How women can prioritise their own self-care when life gets busy

Caught up looking out for everyone else, too many women put themselves last – at a cost to their health. But there is a simple way to look after your own needs.

It’s a scenario familiar to millions of Australian women.

Run from school drop off to work, then pick the kids up before throwing something on the table for dinner.

Not to mention the ever-present mental soundtrack: “Did I forget to pack a jumper in my kid’s bag? Oh, it’s my sister’s birthday next week, got to buy a present. The dog is overdue for her meds.”

This huge pressure can leave women without time to look after their own needs.

Often, it’s too easy to eat for convenience, focusing on ease instead of nutrition, but the right nutrition is essential to staying on top of this daily juggle.

Poor nutrition can affect everything from our energy levels to our waistlines, which is why it’s so important for women to invest in their own health.

Important nutrients for women

Women process foods differently to men, so a healthy eating plan specifically tailored toward women’s nutritional needs can go a long way in helping fuel their busy lifestyles.

Protein is particularly important, with higher protein levels found to reduce hunger, and aid in weight loss.
On top of weight management, some proteins have specific benefits to our overall health.

For example, collagen is a type of protein that helps make tissue resilient and able to withstand stretching.

Our bodies gradually make less of it as we age, but adequate collagen can make a huge difference to the health of our skin and joints.

A recent meta-analysis found ingesting collagen can reduce signs of ageing, improve skin elasticity and hydration, and reduce wrinkles.

Some foods are rich in collagen, such as red meat, and many types of fish skin.

Hormonal fluctuations during different phases of a woman’s life can significantly influence the composition of the gut microbiome, so another important nutrient crucial for women’s health is prebiotic fibre.

This is fibre that stimulates the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in the large intestine for a healthy gut, and is found in foods such as garlic, lentils, watermelon and cashews.

Eating enough prebiotic fibre can increase feelings of fullness, and has been shown to aid in weight management.

Easy ways for busy women to meet their nutritional needs

Meal replacements, such as Optislim for Her, provide crucial nutrition while aiding in weight loss.

Formulated with specific nutrients for women, including collagen, 20g of protein, and the prebiotic fibre OptiBiome, which has been clinically proven to help promote weight loss, reduce hunger and cravings.

Optislim for Her also tastes great and is low in fat and sugar.

It’s made in Australia, simple to use, and is designed to help busy women look after themselves.

Optislim for Her can replace up to two meals per day, when consumed in addition to a well-balanced third meal and snacks.

Optiman is also available and is tailored to meet men’s protein needs.

This article is brought to you by Optislim for Her. Use in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.