The beauty trick Georgia Love swears by

The TV reporter, presenter and former Bachelorette is one of our local beauty faves.

While you may know Georgia Love as the polished TV personality who has appeared on screens as The Bachelorette and a news reporter, she admits that she’s had a few beauty missteps over the years.

Chatting to The House of Wellness, the 29-year-old Palmer’s Australia ambassador reveals one particular hair disaster that stands out – involving a DIY hair experiment, a furious mother and fire engine-red hair.

Georgia also shares how she keeps her mane looking glossy, and why a serum is her new go-to product.

What is a lesser-known beauty trick you swear by?

Serums are often recommended for use at night as a face cream before bed, but I actually use mine in the morning as it works as a really good primer to make-up.

I never use a primer any more since I’ve started using the Palmer’s Australia Skin Perfecting Ultra Hydrating Serum, because it almost immediately plumps and moisturises your skin and has a nice sheen to it.

Because it works as a primer, you can save on a product and be helping your skin at the same time.

What is your favourite budget beauty buy?

One of my favourite budget buys would be the good old Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. I always think I should get a more expensive one, but it’s always the Maybelline one that I love.

You’ve previously posted on Instagram about having curly hair – was that a perm?

That’s my natural hair – that wasn’t a perm. I‘ve always said I needed to be the age I am now in the ‘80s because I’ve missed my time for hair. I would have been the coolest kid on the block.

How do you look after your naturally curly and frizzy hair?

I get a lot of comments from people on Instagram who say my hair always looks so good, and I have to laugh because I put so much time in to my hair to make it look good because it’s naturally curly.

Because it’s curly and I do so much heat styling to it, I’m very vigilant in taking care of my hair and I always make sure I’m doing treatments.

Palmer’s Australia has a really good Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein treatment that is amazing if you’re heat-styling your hair.

What beauty disaster story do you have from your teen years?

I used one of those eight-wash rinse-out hair dyes and it was the first time I’d ever put any kind of colour in my hair whatsoever.

The colour on the box was mulberry, so it was meant to be this deep red-purple colour and it came out nothing short of firetruck red. Bright red!

And it absolutely didn’t wash out in eight washes, so my mum took me furiously to the hairdresser and I had to get it coloured over. They had to go almost black to hide it.

I think I was 14. My mum was furious, I was mortified and I vowed to never ever touch a home-dye again! That is how you learn your lesson as a 14-year-old.

Georgia revealed more about how she keeps a healthy outlook on life in the March edition of The House of Wellness liftout.

Written by Erin Miller

Photo credit: Photographer: Tina Smigielski; Stylist: Anita Fitzgerald; Hair/Makeup: Carlie Christie; Dress: Oncewas; Earrings and cuff: Kitte; Shoes: Alias Mae