Liptember: the perfect time to rock a bright lip

Wear bright, bold lipstick in September to support and raise awareness of women’s mental health issues. 

Liptember’s fabulous brightly coloured range of Liptember lipsticks scream fun and daring on the outside, but the message behind those attention-grabbing lips is one of compassion and support for the women in our lives who might be struggling with mental health concerns.

Women experience some mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress at higher rates than men. In fact, one in five Australian women will experience depression and one in three will experience anxiety during their lifetime.

Liptember aims to raise funds to provide programs and prevention strategies to help the mental health needs of women.

Campaign founder Luke Morris says mental health support services are more effective when they’re gender specific: “Men and women have different mental health needs and when research, programs and services are tailored towards gender we’re seeing more effective and accurate mental health support.”

Post-natal depression, which affects 15 per cent of women within the first year of childbirth, and menopausal-related depression are examples of mental health issues specific to women.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is twice as high in women than males, up to 90 per cent of anorexia and bulimia occur in females, and they are more likely to experience domestic abuse and workplace harassment.

The campaign has attracted high-profile supporters, such as comedian Mary Coustas, Olympian Lydia Lassila and blogger Sophie Cachia (above middle).

Lydia has seen several friends and family members struggle with mental illness.

“What was most difficult was knowing they suffered in silence. It is so important we change the stigma so that people can feel comfortable asking for help,” she says.

Liptember raised more than $1.2 million dollars in 2016, and $3.5 million since it started in 2010. Last year, the campaign presented a $400,000 donation to both Lifeline and the Royal Women’s Hospital.

Get involved

Purchase a Liptember lipstick from any Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist or My Beauty Spot store, register online at and rock your lippy through September. You can also order the Liptember Beauty Box and other items at the Liptember online store.


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