The House of Wellness: Spring 2022

In The House of Wellness spring magazine, Jessica Sepel reveals the hard work – and manifestation magic – that led to the formation of her wellness empire. Read the full digital edition.

Jessica Sepel is a nutritionist-turned-entrepreneur, but the 33-year-old doesn’t sugarcoat who she is – and that vulnerability and openness is part of her charm.

“One thing people tend to find most surprising about me is that I’m not a confident person at all; I’m actually extremely shy, a textbook introvert and I don’t have a high level of self-assurance,” the founder of JS Health says.

Also, in this spring edition of The House of Wellness gloss magazine:

  • Aussie surfing superstar Stephanie Gilmore reveals why setting small goals can help you achieve your big plan.
  • The hidden suffering of living with invisible illness.
  • How TikTok and other social media networks are helping many get their finances on track.
  • Brighten up with our latest make-up trends.
  • Express yourself with festival-ready hair.
  • Dial up the feel-good vibes thanks to dopamine dressing.
  • And much more!

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