Why fairycore is the latest beauty trend you’ll want to romanticise over

Find your wings this season with fairycore – the enchanting beauty trend that celebrates all things magical.

While pretty-in-pink fans are enjoying their time in the spotlight with the Barbie aesthetic, beauty lovers with more whimsical tastes have found their home in fairycore.

So, what defines the fairycore aesthetic?

A fanciful look that celebrates the magic in nature, this beauty trend looks straight out of a fairytale, with artists such as Melanie Martinez and K-pop girl group NewJeans adopting the aesthetic for their latest musical comebacks.

Inspired by rustic countryside settings and woodland creatures from its “cottagecore” cousin, fairycore also pulls some of its inspiration from the world of fairies, elf mythology, and mythical creatures from our favourite childhood stories, MAGAP Australian Makeup Artist of the Year 2023 Chereine Waddell says.

“As someone who delighted in dressing up with tulle skirts and glittery princess crowns, I personally feel a deep affinity for this trend – even if I don’t wear literal elf ears,” Chereine says.


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How to achieve the fairycore look

It doesn’t take much more than a little faith, trust and pixie dust to emulate the fairycore aesthetic.

Lean into your personal style

Think pastel hues, romantic blush, glitter textures and faux freckles, Chereine says.

But there are also other make-up elements that can help tie the look together and, according to Chereine, deciding what to incorporate really depends on your style and personality.

These include using earthy tones, bleaching your brows for the optimal dreamy effect, blurring primers and radiant skin for an ethereal glow, vibrant coloured lashes, sparkles and fairy dust, and having ears naturally sticking out of your hair – or, even putting on prosthetic elf ears.

“For the more adventurous, graphic-coloured liners can mimic butterfly wings and flower shapes, infusing personality and edge into your look,” Chereine adds.


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Play with lines and colour

The Makeup Studio founder Maria Tsatsoulis says those looking for an extra layer of edgier undertones can do so through sultry eyes and sharp eyeliner, à la Karlie Kloss’s smokey eyes and bold dark lips at the 2022 Met Gala.

Maria also recommends playing with colour, especially pink, green, purple and gold.

“As long as it’s shimmered, glittered or whimsical, it fits the fairycore criteria,” Maria says.

“Accentuating the cheekbone with a pink or purple highlighter is an easy way to achieve fairycore, (and) you can also use this on the eyes.”

To pull the look together, Maria suggests coating your lower lash line and waterline with white eyeliner to create a starry-eyed effect.


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Frame it with romantic, soft locks

Hairstyling for fairycore is versatile, with beautiful pastels in pinks, blues, lavenders and soft rainbow blends being at the forefront of the trend, Sloans of Lane Cove advanced stylist Christopher Byrne says.

“Whether (hair is) left out and loose, braided or pulled up into a bun, there is always a wispy, romantic finish,” Christopher says.

“Longer hair can play with different textures, while short hair has choppy ends with sweet pixie cuts.”

Sloans of North Sydney co-owner and art director Jordan Hone says the key to whimsical locks is not to strive for sleekness but to focus on soft, organic and bohemian-styled hairdos with loose, tumbling curls and braids.

Finish with whimsical accessories

As for the finishing touches?

“It’s all about adding pretty and delicate accessories with plenty of glitter and sparkle, and little accents like butterflies and flowers … freshly picked in the forest,” Jordan says.

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Written by Melissa Hong.