Why brow tints may be a lazy girl’s best beauty treatment

Could a subtle brow tint trump complicated styling treatments to give your eyebrows an elegant glow-up?

The beauty industry’s fixation with eyebrows is nothing new, leading to consumers having experimented with everything from laminated brows to permanent tattoos over the past decade.

More recently, however, brow trends have undergone a makeunder of sorts, slowly transitioning to a more natural and softer look, with less emphasis on volume and texture.

But that doesn’t mean forgoing brow maintenance altogether.

Instead, more Australians are opting for subtle, temporary treatments, such as brow tints, in order for their brows to have some definition without the intensity of past trends.


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Is a brow tint right for you?

According to brow expert Danielle Mercury, of La Face Beauty Clinic in Melbourne, a brow tint treatment is best described as minimum effort that results in maximum effect.

“Brows appear thicker, fuller, more even, and defined; and it’s particularly useful for those with faint or grey brows, or those who deal with brow hair sparsity – so there’s a lot to appreciate about the treatment,” Danielle says.

She says a brow tint is also a good option for those who over-plucked their eyebrows.

“If you’re overzealous with brow tweezers, or they (your brows) are sparse from years of waxing, brow tints can be a great tool for masking the gaps and creating a fuller shape,” Danielle says.

While brow tattooing services offer a permanent fix for sparse eyebrows, a more temporary solution such as brow tints are a safer bet, as brow trends change all the time.


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Are brow tints suitable for everyone?

Some brow treatments work best on those with dense, full brows, but the beauty of a brow tint is that it’s a universally flattering technique.

“Brow tints are absolutely universally flattering; however, we all have unique concerns and hair shades, so choice of tint and how they are applied needs to be considered,” Danielle says.

“I’d always take a more gentle approach with a lighter shade, which requires less processing time to achieve a subtle, natural look; a bolder, dramatic brow requires longer processing time and a deeper, darker shade of tint.”


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How a brow tint elevates your look

It’s not uncommon to have fairer eyebrows than your natural hair shade, but a benefit of tinting them a deeper shade to match your mane is that they help draw attention to your eyes.

Brow tints are also a lazy person’s best friend.

Tinting your brows (and your lashes, should you see fit) helps define the eye area, which means you’ll need less eye make-up to achieve a similar effect.

For Danielle, demand for brow tints are a welcome change from the bleached brows that dominated beauty in recent years.

“Whether it be a softer or bolder look this season, tints need to adhere to hair to have an effect; therefore, I believe the days of over-sculpted brows are gone forever,” she says.

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Written by Charlotte Brundrett.