Easy ways to embrace the natural brow trend

Strong, defined brows have been the beauty standard for years, but now the pendulum is swinging towards a more understated and natural approach.

Well-groomed eyebrows and their role in enhancing your features have long been discussed in beauty circles, but how they’re styled continuously evolves to reflect current trends.

Until recently, feathered and laminated brows have been the go-to look; now a softer and more natural take is gaining traction on social media.

Why natural eyebrows are trending in beauty

Demand for naturallooking brows is part of a wider shift towards minimal, less intense make-up, with everything from skin tints to sheer lips surging in popularity on TikTok.
“I do love a thick brow, but I’ll admit that ‘more is more’ can only go so far before you start craving the complete opposite, which is why I’m loving more natural brows,” Melbourne make-up artist and content creator Dana Vaughan says.
“My advice is to work with what you’ve got; don’t force a brow trend if it goes against your features – the brows you were born with are likely to complement you best.”


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How to achieve understated eyebrows

Everyone’s perception will differ, but the general consensus is that understated brows are softly shaped eyebrows with subtle definition, free of brow pomade, waxes or gels.

If you have light or sparse eyebrows that require added definition, try sticking to a brow powder for a more diffused finish.

For those with unruly eyebrows, choosing a brow gel over a wax formula will help you avoid a hardened or laminated effect.


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What about skinny brows?

Skinny brows are making a comeback too, with many already jumping on the bandwagon.

While the revival of this retro beauty trend has been nostalgic for some, Dana encourages us to approach the look with caution.

“From a personal standpoint, I’ve worked so hard to thicken my brows that skinny brows would undo all my efforts,” she says.

“It’s also worth noting that skinny brows aren’t universally flattering and won’t suit everyone.”

Sydney make-up artist Kristyan Low stresses that skinny brows shouldn’t be an impulsive decision.

“Personally, I love a natural-looking brow but if you’re considering a skinny shape, it really comes down to personal judgement and whether it enhances your aesthetic,” Kristyan says, adding that once you overpluck, it can be hard to go back.

“A less permanent way to experiment with your brow is by using concealer to test different arches and shapes.”


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Written by Charlotte Brundrett.