Satin skin is the flattering make-up trend you need to try

It’s not quite matte and not quite glowy. Satin skin is back, bringing a fresh and radiant luminosity to our faces.

Satin foundation was the skin finish of choice in the late 2000s because of its flattering, skin-like luminosity.

Now, demand for a natural-looking base has revived the trend.

For Melbourne make-up artist Dani Fischer, satin foundation is an ideal choice between dewy and matte, which is why she gravitates to it.

“I absolutely love a satin-finish foundation,” Dani says.

“It provides the longevity of a matte foundation but looks more healthy and natural on the skin – much like a dewy foundation.”

Sydney make-up artist and hairstylist Kristyan Low is also a fan.

“Satin-finish foundations are great for most skin types, and depending on your application it can mimic the result of natural, radiant skin, which I love,” Kristyan says.


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How to achieve satin skin

Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, satin foundation is suitable for you.

Just be sure to correctly prepare your skin first, Dani advises.

“Those with dry skin should use a hydrating moisturiser or primer before applying satin foundation, while those with oilier skin should opt for a mattifying primer as well as a powder to provide oil control,” she says.

For those wanting a lighter base, Dani recommends substituting foundation with a skin tint, which also come in satin formulas.

“Skin tints can be used to even out the skin tone, with concealer added in the areas as needed, such as under the eyes and over blemishes,” she says.

As for choosing the right satin foundation, Kristyan has this advice: “Matching the right foundation texture depends on your own skin type and finish preference.”

Why satin skin is all the rage

Demand for skin-like foundation is part of a trend for more natural make-up, as reflected on TikTok.

“We are seeing a shift from heavier make-up to a lighter, more natural look, which some are referring to as the ‘clean girl aesthetic’,” Dani says.

“There’s much more accessibility to make-up education now, and people are realising that they can still achieve a flawless, even base without needing a full coverage foundation every day.”


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Written by Charlotte Brundrett.