Is skin streaming the key to getting more with less in skincare?

As more people ditch overly complex routines, simplifying your beauty through practices such as skin streaming has never been more on-trend.

It was only recently that seven-plus skincare steps had become the norm, thanks in part to the popularisation of elaborate Korean skincare routines, but people are now bucking the trend in favour of a simple, streamlined routine – known as skin streaming.

“I think the rise in complicated skincare routines really stems from the pandemic when everyone was stuck at home and had more time to purchase and experiment with new skincare products,” dermal therapist Mady Davis says.

“However now that we’re past that period, many people are looking at their skincare routine from a different light.

“It’s great that people are more aware that sometimes less really is more and that can be true for skincare.”


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How skin streaming may be better for you

Dubbed skin streaming, the buzzy beauty practice is all about downsizing your make-up and skincare kit by only utilising essential products, with an emphasis on multipurpose items that cut down on time, take up less space in your make-up bag, and are more cost-effective.

Another factor is that overdoing your skincare can sometimes be detrimental to the overall health and condition of your skin.

“Nowadays it’s all about repairing the skin barrier and not disrupting it too much.

“I think people are finally understanding that you don’t need a 10-step skincare routine to actually get results and have great skin,” Mady says.

“There is such thing as using too many skincare products at once.

“Overloading the skin with too many products can definitely contribute to skin irritation as well as just being a waste of product.”

Heidi Salfield, owner and director of Skin Divinity Cosmetics Clinic, encourages a more practical approach to skincare.

“It’s better to use one or two high quality skincare products that contain the right, targeted ingredients for your skin that will give better results than using 10 cheaper or less quality products that won’t be as beneficial,” Heidi says.

You can simplify your skincare routine by incorporating multitasking products such as 2-in-1 cleansers, moisturisers that double up as masks, and oils and serums that can also remove make-up.

The cost-effective appeal of skin streaming

The return to minimalism coincides with the current financial crisis and rising cost of living, as more people downsize their spending habits and prioritise what they deem essentials.

But what people deem as essential skincare products will vary person to person, Mady says.

“It certainly depends on the individual; for example, someone with acne may be using more products than someone without,” she says.

“I would always encourage a cleanser, moisturiser, some kind of exfoliating product to use weekly, as well as a daily SPF.

“So the average routine should consist of roughly four to five products depending on your skin concerns.”

According to Mady, mastering the basics of skincare is always her first recommendation for skin streaming.

“Great skin starts with keeping the skin clean, hydrated and protected,” she says.

“Then you can always look at adding in extra products like eye creams and retinols if you wish.”


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Written by beauty editor Charlotte Brundrett.