How to achieve stunning stained glass blush make-up

The stained glass blush trend is the latest make-up technique to go viral. Here’s why you’ll want to add it to your repertoire.

Blush has experienced a resurgence in recent years and this beauty relic is fast becoming a focal point in many make-up routines.

With its increased popularity comes an ever-growing list of finishes, formulas and shades to choose from, with micro-trends influencing which blush products and which application techniques to use.

The latest micro-trend to gain traction is stained glass blush and, as its name suggests, this look draws inspiration from the stunning effect of sunlight dancing through beautiful coloured glass windows.



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What is the stained glass blush trend?

This make-up trend is all about using dewy blush products that reflect light and colour in a similar way to stained glass windows.

Usually, three blushes in different shades within the same colour family are blended together for a pretty, multidimensional and rosy glow.

“I’m loving the stained glass blush trend,” Sydney make-up artist Natasha Pellegrino says.

“Blush can bring so much life back into someone’s face and, at the moment, I’m really loving red and peachy tones.”

Sydney make-up artist and hairstylist Kristyan Low expects the trend to continue into summer.

“Bring on blush; what I like about the trend is it provides an instant swish of health to the face,” Kristyan says.


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How to create the stained glass blush look at home

According to Natasha, stained glass blush is an easy look to achieve at home, provided you don’t overstep the mark.

“I think one important thing about this trend is (that) less is more,” Natasha says.

“Most liquid blushes and blush stains on the market are super pigmented, which means good bang for your buck, but they can be messy if too much is applied to the skin.”

According to the make-up artist, one great way to control how much product you’re using is to apply a pea-sized amount of the product on the back of your hand and work that into a damp beauty sponge or brush before applying it to the cheeks.

“This gives you more control and allows you to build up the pigment, whereas if you apply too much at once, it’s far more difficult to reduce,” Natasha says.


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Does stained glass blush suit everyone?

The short answer is yes; the stained glass blush look is adaptable and can involve whatever shades of blush you prefer.

For the most flattering finish, consider using colours that best complement your skin tone.

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Written by Charlotte Brundrett.