Concealer mistakes you may be making (and how to correct them)

A bad concealer job can be glaring. One misstep, and the imperfections you’re trying to hide will scream for attention.

For natural, even-looking skin, avoid these common concealer mistakes.

Mistake 1: Using a concealer shade that is too light

As well as spotlighting – rather than hiding – your red areas and dark circles, concealer that is too pale can turn brown pigment under the eyes a corpse-like shade of grey.

It can also make eyes look older than they are.

Mistake 2: Using corrective green, pink or violet concealer

Beauty experts agree that they simply don’t work. Yellow-based shades look healthier and more natural.

Mistake 3: Applying concealer too close to the lash line

Stay away from the lashes to avoid making eyes look smaller than they are.

Mistake 4: Laying concealer on too thick

To avoid a raccoon-eye effect, start with a thin, almost sheer layer and build up gradually.

Mistake 4: Applying concealer to un-moisturised skin

For easy blending and to avoid the appearance of cakiness, apply face and eye cream first.

Mistake 5: Putting on concealer with a magnifying mirror

Focusing on every pore will result in over application.

Mistake 6: Not blending well enough

Also check your face in bright, natural light to make sure that concealed areas flow seamlessly into non-concealed ones.

Mistake 7: Accidentally accentuating every wrinkle

To avoid looking older, use a liquid concealer or foundation as opposed to putting on a thick cream concealer. Both will be easier to blend.

Mistake 8: Putting eye makeup on after concealer

Eyeshadow and mascara are especially prone to falling under the eyes and sticking to freshly applied concealer.

That will only cause a shadow like the one you’re trying to combat – so put your eye makeup on before your concealer.

How to find your perfect concealer shade

To avoid mismatched colour or messily camouflaged blemishes, take on these tips:

  • Test coverage by applying concealer to the veins on the inside of your wrist.
  • Test the colour on the side of your neck by your ear.
  • Make concealer more sheer by blending it on the back of your hand with eye cream.
  • Get the perfect shade by mixing concealer with a little bit of your foundation.
  • Use your middle or ring finger, not your index finger, to blend. This makes for a lighter touch (so you don’t rub it all off) and more natural-looking make-up.
  • Be careful when you apply concealer around your lips, as it can adversely affect your lipstick colour.

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Written by Nikki Yazxhi.