6 ways to use manuka honey for a bioactive boost this festive season

With its abundance of health benefits, manuka honey is your secret weapon for a healthier and more enjoyable holiday period.

It’s easy to let your fitness routine slide over the busy festive season, swapping the gym and healthy eating for rich food, alcohol and rushing around socialising. Manuka honey, with its abundance of health benefits, is your secret weapon for a healthier and more enjoyable holiday period as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Honey has long been touted as a superfood; even the ancient Egyptians utilised its powers. But if you thought all honeys were created equal, think again. Manuka honey, which contains methylglyoxal (MGO), is the queen bee of honeys with its unique – and clinically proven – antimicrobial properties giving it its superfood status.

Australian manuka honey is produced naturally by bees, from the nectar of Leptospermum genus plants. Australia has more than 80 native species of these plants – the largest diversity in the world.

Aussie manuka is revered for its milder taste compared to manuka from New Zealand, making it a delicious and easy way to boost your daily routine and support Aussie beekeepers this silly season.

Here are six ways you can enjoy manuka each day as we head into the silly season.

A spoonful a day

One of the quickest ways to give yourself a morning boost of energy and the bioactive benefits of manuka honey is to enjoy a teaspoon of the liquid nectar each morning. That way, when you’re feeling a bit run down from all the festive partying, you can rest easy knowing you’re still giving your body the best nature has to offer.

Smoothie snack saviour

The festive period is considered one of the six most stressful life events, along with divorce and changing jobs, according to Relationships Australia. Over this busy time, it can be all too easy to skip meals, over-indulge or let your fruit and veggie intake slip. Stay healthy on-the-go by making superfood smoothies. Simply prep with your favourite fruits, superfood blend and a spoonful of manuka honey, then pop in your bag for a refreshing and satisfying snack to top up your antioxidant and energy levels.

Tummy soother

Tummy a little irritated from too many ‘fun’ foods and drinks? Why not start your day with a soothing glass of warm water with fresh lemon slices, sweetened with manuka honey to make hydrating all the more enjoyable. Your tummy will thank you!

Throat remedy

Manuka honey, lemon and ginger is a well-loved home remedy for itchy, scratchy throats and to ease the symptoms of a cold, but this trick is also ideal to soothe sore throats from too much small talk at your office end-of-year party. For a soothing hot drink, gently stir MGO 300+ manuka honey into your favourite tea.

Energy boost

Feeling a bit depleted after a few too many nights out? Swap out another mince pie for a spoonful of manuka honey to give you a natural sweet treat without the hidden nasties.

Healthier bakes and desserts

Need to take a plate for a festive morning tea or looking for a healthier alternative to refined sugars in your holiday baking? Australian manuka honey has a milder flavour and whipped velvety texture making it a delicious, all-natural sweetener to add to your desserts, sauces, slices and drinks.

This article is brought to you by Barnes Naturals Australian Manuka Honey. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.