Quick and easy hacks to help you stick to a keto diet

It offers many potential benefits, but following a keto diet can be challenging for those already short on time. Here’s some shortcuts to make life easier.

A keto diet may sound appealing to the health conscious, or those trying to lose weight.
But sometimes the chaos of life – work, parenting or just squeezing in enough exercise – can make sticking to the keto routine a challenge.
Luckily, there are plenty of hacks to help.

Why can a keto diet be a little difficult?

Anyone who’s ever tried a new diet will know that changing the entire way you eat isn’t easy.

There’s planning the week’s meals, doing the shopping (and getting familiar with new ingredients), time spent making sure your nutrients are balanced, and meal prep.

And of course, you must also decide how you’re going to stick to it while at work, or during last-minute social situations.

Easy hacks for sticking to a keto eating plan

According to Melrose, which offers the Ignite Keto range of snacks, protein powders, and meal replacements, organisation is key to success when it comes to following a keto diet.

Here are some hints to keep you on track.

Do a clean out

Start clearing your fridge and pantry of any carb-rich foods that might prove too tempting when you’re watching TV.

Stock up

Plan your meals for the week in advance, then ensure you have all the ingredients on hand.

Cook in batches

This is a great way to make sure you have leftovers for lunch, or dinner the next night, with very little extra effort.

Meal prep Sundays

By dedicating some time on a Sunday for meal preparation, you’ll set yourself up for mid-week success.

You can, for example, hard boil eggs, marinate meat, batch-cook some bacon, prep vegetables, or cook lunches and dinners in advance and store them in the fridge or freezer.

Add MCT oil to your morning cuppa

Simply adding a splash of MCT oil to your morning coffee of smoothie can give your keto routine a powerful kick.

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides – super fats made from coconuts.

They’re absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream, and converted into ketones, which are a natural energy source for your body.

You can also use MCT oil in everything from salad dressings, to guacamole, nut butter, low-carb smoothies, or as a substitute for regular cooking oil (as long as you use low or medium heat).

Have some grab-and-go snacks on hand

Having a few healthy snacks to reach for when hunger strikes is key to success for any eating plan.

For an indulgent snack that requires zero thinking power (concise macro details are clearly displayed on the packaging), the Melrose Keto Ignite range has plenty of delicious, guilt-free options.

The choc chip cookies, for example, contain just 3g of carbs per serve.

Then there’s keto creamy chocolate, and keto balls in flavours including choc cherry, vanilla chop chip and choc brownie. Yum.

This article is brought to you by the Melrose Ignite Keto range. Use in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.