A look at the need for vitamins in the over 50s

While 50 may be the new 40, there is no escaping the need to maintain our health as we age, shares Pharmacist and Master Herbalist, Gerald Quigley.

Many have dubbed 50 as the new 40. These days at 50, most people are still leading busy lives and expect their energy levels to be as good as when they were younger.

Unfortunately stress depletes our body of B-group vitamins, so “replacement” isn’t always sufficient. We may need extra.

Many over-50s can’t digest food as well as they used to, so miss their ability to absorb important nutrients from their food.

It’s important to maintain our health by eating well, getting sufficient sleep, being sensible, and taking appropriate supplements. We’re all different so it’s best to get advice on the best supplements for you, however underpinning all of this is a multivitamin.

It’s also imperative that we include lots of fresh food into our diet. Fruits and vegetables that are in season are ideal.

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