Chemical-free infant care the way forward for inspirational mum

Antonette Golikidis says her inspiration for organic and natural skin care products was born out of frustration.

When her first child, Alex, started to develop the signs of eczema, Antonette says she searched without luck for chemical-free skincare products for her new baby.

“I searched for baby products that were pure, organic and chemical free,” she says.

“But I was disappointed to find a limited range of products that were often difficult to locate and purchase or offered misleading information.

“I knew that there were a lot of ingredients that didn’t need to be in there. Would you want to be applying toxic and synthetic products to your children’s skin regularly? I know I certainly wouldn’t!”

So she decided to create her own.

Australia’s growing organic industry

New findings from Australian Organic, the organic industry’s leading body, show the health of the $2.4 billion organic market is trending upwards.

The research, conducted by Mobium Group, suggests more than six in 10 Aussie households buy organic products in any year.

And more than one in 10 of us (12 per cent) consider ourselves highly committed organic purchasers, usually outlaying 40 per cent or more on organic food or household products.

Alex, Antonette’s son and her inspiration for starting Little Innoscents.

My son’s skin slowly improved

For Antonette, now proud mum to two young boys, it was all about looking after her family as she set about making a remedy for her son in her kitchen using a few organic products.

As her son’s skin condition slowly disappeared and the word spread along the mum-grapevine, Antonette spent 10 months perfecting the ingredients – and Little Innoscents was born.

She formulated a nappy rash cream (intensive soothing lotion), massage lotion, massage oil, body powder, body and hair wash, vapour rub balm and organic soap, eventually stepping out of the kitchen and a Victorian-based manufacturing company to create her products.

She then worked to have her products certified by one of the world’s leading organic certification bodies – Australia Certified Organic (ACO).

Cleaning and laundry products added

The mumtrepreneur says her extensive research meant the Little Innoscents eco-cleaning range was a natural extension to her baby skincare range.

“Because of my experience with Alex, I learnt that it is not just what you put on your skin but also the products you use in your home that can impact your skin and your health overall,” she says.

“I’ve discovered that many store brought products can be dangerous and highly toxic – yet we are still using them in our homes, breathing in the fumes, damaging our bodies by affecting our immune system and causing skin irritations.”

This post is brought to you by Little Innoscents.