The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show 21st January


A checklist for women’s health, a rundown on the new Covid-19 variant,  first day of school parenting tips – tune into this week’s episode of The House of Wellness radio show for all that and more.

On this week’s The House of Wellness radio show:

A checklist for women’s health

Starting the year with a health check can be crucial to preventing chronic issues down the road.

Whether it be for yourself or a loved one, tune in for an important conversation on the necessary check-ups for women’s health, with Louise Browne, the head of Public Health and Education at Jean Hailes.

Louise discusses which appointments you should be booking in advance. From keeping an eye on heart health, which is the leading cause of death for Australian women, and many more.

Download Jean Hailes’ list to keep track of the different available health check-ups and find out which can be done especially for free.

New Covid-19 wave concerns and the rundown on sub-variant JN.1

While lockdowns may seem like a thing of the past, Covid-19 is seemingly proving to remain a thing of the present.

Deakin University’s Chair of epidemiology at the Faculty of Health Professor Catherine Bennett explains why Australian experts are warning a new Omicron sub-variant is on the rise in NSW and Victoria, and tackles the main concerns with JN.1.

Prof Bennett uncovers the effectiveness of antivirals and a new monovalent vaccine in the continuous fight against Covid-19. Find out which precautions should be in place to protect yourself and the vulnerable, and the latest on what vaccinations you may need.

Whether you need a booster dose, the side effects of the more recent boosters and their duration of immunity. Plus, long covid and who is most at risk.

Little steps towards their first day of school

Wakey, wakey, it’s time for school! Classes are back in session and parent educator Gen Muir is here to give her expert advice on securing a smooth transition for kids who are going through those gates for their very first time this month.

Follow her four tips to ease the first day nerves and what you can do to prepare your children for kindergarten. Plus, an extra helping hand to find the right support for kids with disabilities.

Also an author, Gen explains the notion behind “Little People, Big Feelings”. Plus, how to deal with tantrums and meltdowns.

How to navigate being a parent worried about getting it wrong and why she thinks parenting is harder than it used to be.

Also on the show this week:

  • Reasons to keep laughing this Global Laugh Day and why it’s the best medicine


  • Luke Hines, host
  • Zoe Bingley-Pullin, co-host
  • Gerald Quigley, pharmacist and master herbalist. To submit a question for Gerald, go to the “Ask” tab on The House of Wellness website


  • Louise Browne, head of Public Health and Education at Jean Hailes for Women’s Health
  • Professor Catherine Bennett, chair of epidemiology at the Faculty of Health at Deakin University
  • Gen Muir, parent educator and author of “Little People, Big Feelings”