The House of Wellness TV: Season 8, Episode 5

This week on The House of Wellness, the team discuss sexual health, how to help your skin thrive with the basics and more. Watch the full episode.

The House of Wellness – Season 8, Episode 5

On this episode of The House of Wellness, the team are looking into sexual health, from ways to keep yourself and your loved ones infection free to how to best educate others about sex.

Also this week:

  • How Aussie actresses Lucy Durack and Elise McCann are helping others make the most out of life’s lemons, one pep talk at a time, through wellbeing app Hey Lemonade. 
  • Dr Nick Carr covers everything you need to know about the world of sexually transmitted infections, aka STIs, and why they’re on the rise.
  • The importance of normalising the discussion of STIs and how to best educate others about sexual health, with psychologist Dr Sarah Ashton, founder of Sexual Health and Intimacy Psychological Services.
  • Luke Hines explores the calming world of Japanese head spas and its benefit for head, mind and body, with Soak Haus Head Spa founder Monique De Gee. 
  • Curtin University research fellow and lecturer Jacqueline Hendriks reveals why more Australian parents are pushing for sex-ed classes to start earlier in schools. 
  • Specialist dermatologist Dr Ryan De Cruz explains how getting back to the basics could help your skin thrive, with the latest skin minimalism trend. 
  • Hair and makeup artist Jade Kisnorbo discusses the best way to integrate a setting spray into your daily makeup routine and how to determine if this is a beauty tool you really need. 
  • How dogs can bring an array of health benefits for kids, especially when it comes to their physical health. 
  • The dangers of using expired medication and what you should do with medicine you no longer need, with pharmacist Naomi Perri.
  • How to best care for a wound to help promote fast healing
  • When it comes to a recipe that balances taste and nutrients, Zoe Bingley-Pullin is marrying the best of both worlds with her Asian-inspired sauerkraut with plant based tofu balls. 

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Cast: Luke Darcy, Jo Stanley, Jacqui Felgate, and Dr Nick Carr with Luke Hines, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Jade Kisnorbo and Sarah Davidson.