What is a feng shui wellness?

We send James Tobin in search of the truth to unlock the power of feng shui and discover how this ancient practice can support your wellness.

The ancient art of feng shui has been around for over 3000 years. While we’re not here to argue with tradition, you do have to wonder how much moving the furniture around the house or putting a pot plant in the corner of the room can change your life.

There are five elements central to the ancient story of feng shui: wood, metal, fire, water, and earth. The feng shui masters of old believe these five elements all generate an unseen energy that flows through every living thing on earth. They call this energy ‘chi’. The easier this energy flows, the happier and more prosperous you are.

So how does feng shui actually support our health?

Join James as he goes in search of the truth, looking at two different areas of feng shui and how each can help improve your health and wellness and clear ‘bad’ energy.

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Filmed on location at:

Feng Shui Harmony

Feng Shui Australia