Good vibrations: How to boost your positive energy

If you’ve been feeling a little low or irritated lately, there’s a chance your energy is out of whack, so why not try some simple tricks to raise your vibration?

Vibration refers to your personal energy and ways to raise your vibration was identified as an emerging wellness trend.

Humans are made up of energy – just like everything in the universe – and according to the theory of energy medicine, everything and everyone vibrates at a specific frequency.

These vibrations influence not only our physical state, but also our wellbeing, says The Happiness Hunter founder Fiona Redding.

“Everything, including us, is made of energy, and energy is always moving and constantly changing,” Fiona says.

“When our vibration is high, we feel happier, positive and feel more love.

“But when our vibration is low and the energy is stagnated, then it’s a sign you need to raise your vibration.”

It’s still early days when it comes to scientific evidence backing vibrational theory.

But anecdotally, people are warming to the idea.

Google analysis shows searches for terms such as “higher frequency” and “raising your vibration” having risen significantly during the past 12 months.

If you’re keen to boost your vibes and tap into a new level of energy, here are some simple things you can try.

Move your body

Our experts agree one of the best ways to raise your vibration is through movement.

“If you’re not physically moving, your energy will be sluggish, meaning you are going to have a low vibration, so raising your physical activity is important,” Fiona says.

“It doesn’t have to be intense exercise.

“Get up, go outside, go for a walk, or dance to some music in your lounge room.

“This gets the energy moving, clears the mind and can lift your mood.”

How essential oils raise your vibration

Putting on the right essential oils is an “easy-peasy” way to lift your vibe says, according to holistic kinesiologist Xanthe Pearson.

“A good one is frankincense,” Xanthe says.

“Wear it on your clothes, or use it in an oil diffuser, don’t burn them.”

Other recommended combinations include lavender, bergamot, vetiver, lemongrass, jasmine, patchouli, cedarwood, juniper, and rose.

Xanthe adds that using oils that strengthen your immunity will also help raise your frequency.

Jot down your thoughts for good energy

Writing in a diary has proven benefits for mental health, with research showing it improves your mood.

This also makes it an excellent choice for uplifting your energy.

“Journaling can be really good, especially if you’re feeling very cluttered in your mind or struggling emotionally,” says Fiona.

“Write down how you’re feeling or what’s bothering you, it can help make things clearer, and allow you to let go of what is keeping you stuck.”

Good food, good vibrations

Wellbeing usually starts with what we’re putting into our mouths, so it’s no surprise diet impacts your vibrations too.

“Processed foods lower your vibration,” Fiona says.

“Instead, you want to be eating as much fresh food as you can, and foods that are nutrient-dense that will make you feel really good.”

Drink lots of water and include carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy oils in your regular diet, and consider a daily multivitamin for extra oomph.

Meditate for positive vibes

“Ten minutes of meditation a day is extremely helpful,” Xanthe says.

“You don’t have to meditate for hours.

“It’s just about bringing in that focus and attention to your breath and heart space.”

Creating inner calm has instant health benefits, including reducing anxiety, asthma, and increasing energy and efficiency.

Tap into crystal power

“Crystals are universal, and they’re easy to buy and very readily available,” Xanthe says.

“You can put them in water, wear them as jewellery, or you can put them by your bed.”

Before using a crystal, she says to cleanse, activate and put an intention inside your chosen type of crystal.

You can choose any type, she says, but well-known energy crystals include amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz and citrine.

Lose the booze for good feels

Alcohol is fun and freeing, but many of us use it to dampen down or “numb” our real feelings, Fiona says.

“Getting rid of drinking will lift your vibration, no longer burying your feelings, to help you embrace what’s real.”

Treat yourself to some holistic care

Energy healing modalities can clear out energetic blockages in the chakra system and balance the aura to restore your vibration.

To tackle an imbalance, a kinesiologist may use light touch, acupressure, and remedies such as tissue salts or flower essences.

Reiki is another popular choice for energy healing.

This method helps with improving the flow of energy in and around the body.

Written by Alex White.