Couscous salad with peas and fresh mint

Mix up your mid-week meal routine with a fresh salad that packs plenty of punch.


120g couscous

2 handfuls mint

1 handful flat-leaf parsley

4 spring onions

250g frozen peas


2 tbsp lemon juice

5 tbsp olive oil

freshly ground black pepper

1 pinch ground cumin

1 lemon; cut into wedges


Step 1. 

Soak the couscous in hot water for 15-20 minutes according to the packet instructions. Drain and fluff up with a fork.

Step 2. 

Chop the mint and parsley leaves. Diagonally slice the spring onions.

Step 3. 

Blanch the peas in boiling salted water for about 5 minutes, then immediately rinse in cold water. Drain well.

Step 4.

Mix the peas with the herbs, couscous, spring onions, lemon juice and olive oil. Season with salt, pepper and cumin. Arrange on plates and garnish with lemon wedges.

Serves 4.