How to rework your home to make getting healthy easier

We spend a lot of time at home – so a few simple changes to your surroundings can make a real difference to our health and wellbeing.

It’s said Australians spend 90 per cent of their time indoors, with a significant portion of that spent at home.

So it makes sense that our endeavours toward becoming healthier have to include maximising the state of the space we live in.

Here’s how to make it a case of “home, sweet healthy home”.

1. Reorder your kitchen

“Space that is organised and clean makes cooking and preparing meals more enjoyable, quicker and a lot easier,” says nutritionist and naturopath Michaela Sparrow.

Start by taking out everything in your fridge and pantry and organise it into categories from condiments to spices and snacks, and get rid of anything that might derail your healthy eating plan.

Restock with nutritious foods that will help you eat well.

2. Declutter your space

“If we make a conscious choice to remove objects within our home and only exist with what we need and actually use, we are deciding to create an environment for our families with fewer choices, less to clean and far less to think about when it comes to organisation,” says interior architect and founder of Studio Ezra, Georgia Ezra.

She advises doing an audit of your home every six months to get rid of any clutter and reclaim your space.

healthy bedroom

3. Make your bedroom a haven

It’s time to use your bedroom for what it was intended.

A report by the Sleep Health Foundation found 39.8 per cent of Australians experience inadequate sleep.

“Set up your room as a sanctuary for sleep,” says The Wellbeing Store founder and wellbeing expert Fleur Marks.

“Invest in block out curtains, replace your phone as an alarm clock for an actual alarm clock.

“Good quality pillows and bedding will help too.”

4. Clear distractions from the dining table

Michaela says it’s important to eat mindfully. This means sitting at the dining table, away from the TV and not on your phone.

“This will help prevent things like heartburn, bloating and reflux and you will actually feel fuller and that will help prevent you from reaching for something sweet after your meal,” she says.

5. Let the light in

“Without natural light a room will feel dark and moody,” says Georgia, author of A Healthy Home, A Healthy You.

“In some instances, this serves a purpose, however natural sunlight causes our brain to release a happy hormone called serotonin.”

In fact, an Aussie study found serotonin production rose rapidly the more light you’re exposed to.

indoor plants

6. Introduce indoor plants

Not only do indoor plants look nice, they’re useful too.

Fleur says a study by the University of Sydney found incorporating indoor plants in the home resulted in a 37 per cent reduction in tension, while a NASA study found house plants can reduce the range of chemical pollutants in the air.

She recommends plants such as mother-in-law’s tongue, a bamboo palm, or a green spider plant.

7. Make scents of your surrounds

Research has found a strong link between scent and mood.

“Just five minutes of exposure to a pleasant odour can induce positive mood and calming,” says Fleur.

She says even the simple addition of a scented candle or diffuser in a space can help enhance wellbeing.

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Written by Tania Gomez