Building strong women through change

A groundbreaking initiative is championing and empowering women through life-changing grants. Here’s how you can support Project Strong to help make a difference.

A program that helps free Cambodian girls from sexual exploitation, and another that provides educational support to girls starting high school in Uganda.

A service that builds birthing huts for women in remotes part of Papua New Guinea.

Workshops that empower culturally and linguistically diverse women to identify and embrace respectful relationships and sexual health.

And a hub that supports victim survivors of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

All very different initiatives, but all with something in common.

They’ve all benefited from a special grants fund dedicated to uplifting women and girls facing disadvantage.

The result of a partnership between leading bone health brand Ostelin and Australian charity 100 Women, Project Strong has one mission – to celebrate and empower the strength of all women, from the inside out.

About 100 Women: Making change that matters

100 Women co-founder Alicia Curtis says the charity started with a simple idea.

“Myself and a small group of women were constantly asking ourselves, ‘How do we make change that matters?’,” she says.

“It just so happened that one of us was reading the book Half The Sky at the time, which tackled this very issue.

“This inspired the concept that if we could find 100 women who would be willing to pay $100 a month as part of a membership, we would have $120,000 to give away each year – turning this small group of women into a force of change.”

That was in 2014. Within eight months, 100 Women had raised its first $100,000. Last year, the charity reached a milestone of $1 million in donations.

Grants are awarded to a diverse range of organisations committed to advancing the safety, health, education and economic freedom of women and girls globally.

And Project Strong is helping 100 Women to deliver that support.

A partnership determined to make a tangible difference

Alicia says 100 Women is proud to partner with Ostelin, buoyed by the brand’s belief that strong isn’t about what a woman does but who they are.

“We’re both passionate about empowering women’s strength both inside and out – because when a woman is strong, there’s nothing she can’t do,” the social entrepreneur says.

“Ostelin’s Project Strong, together with our membership, helps to fund life-changing projects through community grants.

“Last year, Ostelin helped us make a difference to 18,000 women and girls across the globe through these grants, and we aim to continue building on the impact at the grassroots level.

“Our goal is to break down barriers and uplift women and girls by providing them with resources, opportunities, and a platform to thrive.”

How to get involved with Project Strong

Ostelin is passionate about building women’s strength inside and out.

For the month of June 2023, $1 from every Ostelin product purchased at Chemist Warehouse will be donated to Project Strong.

“You can also join as a member of the 100 Women community,” Alicia says.

“When everyone gives a little bit, you end up with a lot.”

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