Single on Valentine’s Day? Here’s what to do

If you’re flying solo on Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason you can’t be your own date.

Couples shouldn’t have all the fun on February 14.

By shifting how you focus on love, you can become your own cupid with all the signature spoils.

Celebrate yourself on Valentine’s Day

The concept of self-love is on the rise, with Google searches for “self-care” increasing by 25 per cent in the past year.

Psychologist Jacqueline Baulch says embracing the trend helps to nurture your most important connection – the one with yourself.

“Self-love lays the foundation for all our other relationships with friends, family, children, colleagues and partners,” says Jacqueline, director of Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology.

“When we are able to be compassionate, caring and loving towards ourselves, the ups and downs of life are easier to navigate, our relationships are healthy and life feels more full and meaningful.”

Create your own date

By moving the focus away from romantic love, to love in general, you’re more likely to create a positive experience.

“Don’t let Hallmark tell you what you should and shouldn’t do on V-Day,” Jacqueline says.

“Love yourself and the people around you and find ways to actually act on this.”

Take yourself out on a date, have a picnic with friends or settle in for a cosy night with all the trimmings.

“I’m thinking Uber Eats, a nice glass of wine, my favourite candle burning and a date with Netflix, but hey that’s just me,” she says.

Mix up your routine

Forget your daily routine – this is a day to move away from the mundane.

“If you’re single you might spend a lot of time on your own already, so it can be fun to carve out time for date night for yourself and make an effort to do something fun, relaxing or creative,” she says.

“Even thinking about it as a date with yourself can change your perspective on how you approach the experience – it’s something to be embraced and have fun with, rather than something to feel bad about.”

Build your Valentine’s Day armour

Go easy on yourself if you find Valentine’s Day difficult, advises Jacqueline.

“The world can sometimes feel built for couples and February 14 certainly amplifies that feeling,” she says.

“If you’re single, it can suddenly feel like the whole world is coupled up and head over heels in love.”

Be proactive about planning ahead if you know you’re likely to find the day tough.

Or consider getting the girls together for Galentine’s Day on February 13.

Coined by character Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, it’s the ideal opportunity to plan an unforgettable outing and boost endorphins with your besties.

Written by Jenna Meade.