Why work life balance is a myth

With higher demands on our time than ever before, we need to prepare for the unbalanced life, according to KPMG Partner and Performance Coach, Andrew May.

More and more people seem to have terrible work life balance.

Is this because we spend way too much time and energy working and very little time planning our lives? Or is it because the old notion we were taught about “compartmentalising” our lives doesn’t cut it in the modern world?

Maybe it really is as simple as we no longer understand what “balance” really is?

It’s time to bust the top work life balance myths and start living the life we want. We need to let go of the idea that we can compartmentalise our lives, like we were initially taught to, into the 8-8-8 (eight hours sleep, eight hours work, eight hours recreation). We also need to accept that great managers aren’t available 24/7 as they, like us, need time to think and time to connect with hobbies, passions and loved ones. Lastly, we must recognise that constant connection to technology does not give us more leisure time (no matter what they promised!).

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