Can the power of crystals revitalise your wellbeing?

Coveted for their beauty, healing crystals have long been used for their therapeutic potential too. Learn how to incorporate them in your life for enhanced wellbeing.

Crystals are believed to possess metaphysical properties to aid physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

But what exactly are they? And how do you choose the right ones?

What exactly are crystals?

Crystals are unique structures that form deep within the earth.

Our fascination with them dates back thousands of years – the Ancient Greeks, for example, wore amethyst, which they believed helped them stay sober.

The word crystal actually comes from Ancient Greek and means both “ice” and “rock crystal”.

“What makes them (crystals) unique is they grow in perfectly geometric patterns, which often creates dazzling colours and sparkling effects,” Adam Barralet, the author of Crystal Connections, says.

How do crystals work in healing?

Not only are these formations beautiful to look at, but they’re also sought after for helping to soothe the soul and break unhealthy habits.

Adam says crystals possess balancing and harmonising energies and, when kept near, they allow you to experience their benefits.

“Crystals have been used for thousands of years for healing, manifestation (and) protection,” Adam says.

“Although science has yet to prove exactly how crystals work, they have stood the test of time and people throughout the ages and around the world have relied on them for their powers.”

Kinesiologist and energy healer Natasha Colchester says clients are often impressed by the healing power of crystals.

“They can feel the influence of the crystals during the session; whether they (the crystals) were placed in their hands, on, or around their body,” Natasha says.

How to use healing crystals

  • Wear crystal jewellery – anything from necklaces to bracelets and rings.
  • Carry your favourite crystal with you throughout the day, either tucked into a pocket or kept in your wallet.
  • Use crystals for chakra balancing, or as part of your regular yoga or meditation practice.
  • Try a crystal grid, where a selection of crystals are arranged in a specific pattern or structure. A personal grid, for example, involves placing your chosen crystals on specific points along your body; or set them up as an altar in a quiet corner of your home or in a peaceful spot in the garden.

Which healing crystals are right for you?

Adam says there are two main ways to decide which crystals are most suitable for you.

“The first is to simply use your intuition by visiting the local crystal store and seeing which crystals you are drawn to,” he says.

“Hold your intention in your mind and choose the crystal you are most drawn to – don’t think about it too much.”

After you’ve made your selection, refer to crystal books or websites to learn more about the general properties of the crystals you’ve picked, Adam suggests.

“You’ll often be amazed to find that you’ve chosen the perfect crystals for yourself,” he says.

The other way is to research which specific crystals are generally used for your current needs.

“Then allow yourself to choose the one that seems like the best fit for you,” Adam says.

Getting started with healing crystals

To help you get started, we asked our experts to share a few of their favourite healing crystals.

“Grounding crystals, which are generally coloured black, brown or soft reds – such as red jasper – are great for calming the mind, whereas light blue, indigo and violet crystals – such as smokey quartz – create a sense of peace in the world around you,” Adam says.

Natasha says while there are lots of crystals you can use for holistic healing of anxiety, depending on its origin and triggers, she particularly recommends rose quartz and amethyst.

“Often, rose quartz and amethyst are the first crystals people are attracted to in general and they are in abundant supply, so that’s a clue!” she says.

While lepidolite and chrysoprase are less common, Natasha recommends these for soothing the nervous system and releasing fear.

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Written by Samantha Allemann.