How to nail the sorority girl beauty aesthetic

Elevate your beauty routine with the sorority girl beauty aesthetic — a trend that pairs clean, minimal make-up with chic, easy hairstyles. Make-up artist Jade Kisnorbo shares her top tips for recreating the preppy style.

There’s so much to love about simple beauty and thanks to the rise of the “clean girl” aesthetic — which is all about looking fresh and polished — the wider beauty community is finally coming around to understated make-up.

More recently, a new variation of the trend, called the “sorority girl”, has taken hold, which puts a preppy twist on “clean girl” glam.

But don’t let its intimidating name fool you — the sorority girl beauty aesthetic is a universally flattering trend that’s easily achievable by following my tips.

Here’s how to nail the preppy sorority girl beauty look:

All about that base

A key characteristic of the “sorority girl” trend is making the skin’s natural sheen a focal point, so you will want to skip a base product altogether or opt for a skin tint that’s sheer enough for skin texture to shine through.

Those with acne or hyperpigmentation can achieve this look, too — just follow up with a full coverage product and spot conceal where necessary.

If you prefer contouring, highlighting and using blush, apply cream formulations rather than powder for a sheer, more natural finish.

Finally, set with a pressed powder but keep this to the T-zone only as you don’t want to diminish your glowing base.

Simple eye make-up

Simple eye make-up doesn’t have to be boring.

What we’re going for is a soft, subtle eye look rather than something too intense and dark.

What I like to do is first softly contour the eye area with bronzer and then apply a shimmery bronze eyeshadow stick or kohl eyeliner and smudge that along the upper and lower lash line for some soft definition.

Then coat your lashes with some mascara.

If you’re fair, try a brown mascara for a softer, flattering look.

People are ditching lash extensions and brow lamination by the droves and it’s all because these treatments are slowly but surely veering into passe beauty trend territory.

Because these treatments are quite dramatic and eye-catching, they can be the key point of difference betweena soft, subtle beauty look and something more dramatic.

Beutiful brows

To really nail this minimalist look, less is more when it comes to the brows.

Keep it simple by brushing the brow hairs up and shaping them into place with some clear brow gel.

Fill them in where necessary with a fine-tipped brow pen or pencil.

Embrace short nails

After years of nail extensions being commonplace, short nails are having a moment once more, much to the joy of nail specialists and dermatologists.

Not only are shorter manicures less burdensome on your nail bed, they’re also more hygienic, practical and economical. Plus, it’s easier to regularly switch up your nails when they’re short.

Opt for easy hair

If the ombre hair revival is anything to go by, it’s clear low-maintenance hair colour is back in a big way.

The key is to go for a colour close to your natural shade or ask for a root smudge and balayage highlights at your next colour appointment in an effort to transition to a colour that requires less upkeep between appointments.

Such efforts can also reduce hair damage, helping to promote hair growth.

Try a playful ponytail

Equal parts practical, preppy and on trend, the bubble ponytail is the quickest way to update your gym look with minimal effort required.

Simply style your hair into a sleek high pony, and using elastics, apply them an inch width apart along the ponytail itself.

­Next, tease each section with your hands to create the “bubble” effect and secure with some hairspray.

Embrace headbands

No longer pulled on primarily for bad hair days, thick fabric headbands are having a major revival.

The classic hair accessory will appeal to lazy people in particular as it provides a chic, quick fix to hairstyling that leaves tresses looking polished.

Achieving the look is relatively straightforward, but if you want to dial up the polish that little bit more, go over your ends with a straightener, curving them in for a ’90s Posh Spice feel.

To further complete the look, run a small amount of hair oil through the ends and flyaways for the ultimate sleek finish.

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Written by Jade Kisnorbo