Recipe: Five-minute soup

If you’re time-poor and looking for a simple soup to warm you up, look no further than this tasty recipe packed with nutritious greens.


1 tbsp white or brown miso

50g frozen spinach

1/4 small broccoli (about 100g), finely chopped

300ml boiling water from a kettle

1 tbsp soy sauce (or tamari, if you’re gluten-free) 

juice of 1/2 lime


Step 1.

Place the frozen spinach and the chopped broccoli in a medium saucepan with the boiling water. 

Step 2.

Place the saucepan on high heat with the lid on and bring the water back to the boil for about 45 seconds, or until the vegetables are cooked. Remove the pan from the heat.

Step 3.

Stir in the miso, soy sauce (or tamari) and lime juice and serve.

Serves 1.

TGGM book cover

This is an edited extract from The Glucose Goddess Method by Jessie Inchauspe. Published by Penguin Random House Australia, RRP $36.99.