The amazing health benefits of drinking lemon water every day

This popular home remedy is touted to have powerful health and weight loss benefits, so we decided to get the juice on the drink that is citrus and water.

Lemon water – the refreshing morning drink that celebs from Beyonce to Miranda Kerr swear by.

Linked to a slew of benefits from better digestion to boosted immunity and clearer skin, there’s been little scientific research specifically on lemon water.

However, there’s been lots of research on lemon and water separately, which is… helpful.

Here’s our wrap of the ways you may benefit from lemon water:

It’s a good source of vitamin C

“Lemons are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant vitamin that supports good immunity, helps to reduce fatigue and boosts mood,” dietitian Teri Lichtenstein says.

But she warns most lemon water drinks only contain small amounts of lemon juice so you’ll probably get more vitamin C eating whole fruit and veggies.

It’s hydrating

Lemon water is, well, water with lemon juice or lemon slices added.

Which means it has all the benefits of regular H20 and can be a refreshing way to help hit your recommended eight glasses a day, dietitian Geraldine Georgeou says.

“Many of my patients have trouble consuming adequate fluid throughout the day and adding a wedge of citrus fruit provides mild flavour without the added sugar, which is a great benefit,” Geraldine says.

It may support weight loss

Some animal studies suggest lemon compounds may help with weight loss.

While the same results are yet to be proven in humans, Geraldine says lemons contain polyphenols, which may play a role in reducing obesity.

“Some studies have shown these can be thermogenic and even reduce appetite,” Geraldine says.

And it’s a healthier choice than fizzy drinks, says Teri.

“If you exchange a regular habit of drinking sugary soft drinks for citrus water, this, over time may lead to weight loss,” Teri says.

It can improve your skin

Some evidence has linked vitamin C and flavonoids (found in citrus fruit) to better skin.

“Vitamin C plays a crucial role in collagen synthesis and protection against sun damage from UV rays,” Geraldine says.

Another study showed a citrus-based drink helped prevent wrinkles developing in hairless mice.

It helps prevent kidney stones

Drinking lemon water can also benefit your kidneys, says Terri.

She says lemon juice is a good source of citrate which helps to prevent stones forming.

“Health professionals recommend patients who suffer from kidney stones increase their intake of citric acid, however this should only be done under medical guidance,” Terri says.

Why you should enjoy lemon water

Our experts agree there’s lots to love about lemon water.

“There are many health benefits that warrant more research, particularly when it comes to the extracts and phytochemicals obtained from all parts of lemon fruit, including the peels and seeds,” Teri says.

Geraldine recommends rinsing your mouth with fresh water afterwards, or consider using a straw, as the acid in lemons can damage tooth enamel over time.

We say, if life gives you lemons, drink them.

Written by Liz McGrath.