The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show 10th April

10 April, 2022 . by Erica–-Full-Show-Sunday-April-10-2022.mp3 In this week’s episode the team discuss: Endometriosis, a condition that for some women sees them bedridden for up to three days each month. The benefits of Kakadu Plum in...

Need an energy boost? 5 ways to boost your stamina

23 March, 2022 . by Erica

Tired of feeling tired? If sluggish has become the new you, here’s how to put the yay back in your day.


Why body fat percentage is not your only indicator of health

13 January, 2022 . by Erica

Body fat percentage is often used as a measure of someone’s health, but what exactly does it mean and are there other indicators you need to look out for?


Why Ashwagandha is the health buzz you need to be all over

14 December, 2021 . by Erica

Ashwagandha is a herb at the heart of rasayana, a traditional Ayurvedic therapy designed to restore your body’s vitality to its fullest. Here’s what you need to know.


Magnesium benefits: 5 ways to boost wellbeing      

7 December, 2021 . by Erica

Thought you knew the ins and outs of this rockstar mineral? Think again. It’s not called marvellous magnesium for nothing.


How ubiquinol can give your summer a (natural) energy boost

25 November, 2021 . by Erica

It’s not just batteries that run down at this time of the year. Between gift buying, gatherings and getting out and about, summer holidays can be exhausting. Here’s how ubiquinol…


5 easy steps to take control of your energy levels

5 June, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

Running on empty? These small dietary tweaks can make a massive difference to how you feel each day.


A handy hack for boosting your energy levels

15 September, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell

If you’re feeling a little low on energy, there is a secret ingredient found naturally in our body that may help you put some spark back into your day.


Eloise Wellings’ secret to sports success after 30

24 August, 2019 . by Sarah Fennell

Have you heard about that ‘sweet spot’ in sport, the age where physical, technical and strategic abilities combine perfectly together for performance success?


How to eat for lasting energy

5 November, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

Do you wake up most days feeling like you want to pull the covers over your head and sink straight back to sleep? Check out these six steps to help…