4 ways to combat muscle fatigue after exercise

Exercise is a mood-lifter, but tight, sore muscles can put a dampener on that post-workout high. Here’s how to beat muscle fatigue after you’ve worked up a sweat.

Whether you’re sprinting through a hectic workday, juggling household responsibilities, or pushing yourself in a workout, life is a juggling act.

When you’re coping with the pressure of daily demands, muscle soreness is not something you want to be dealing with.

Here are five effective ways to combat muscle fatigue, so you can bounce back after every sweaty session – whether it’s from the gym or life.

Hydration is key: drink up

You’re powering through your workout, beads of sweat forming on your muscles in action.

It may look cool (hello Insta) but while you’re working hard, your body is losing fluid through perspiration.

Dehydration can contribute to muscle soreness1, so remember to keep up the H20 before, during, and after your exercise escapades.

Form and gear: get it right

Whether you’re hitting the track or the gym, proper form and suitable equipment are your friends.

Knowing the right way to do your exercises can reduce the risk2 of muscle soreness and stiffness.

Embrace rest and recovery

Your body needs time to recover and rebuild after exertion3.

Along with rest days and light stretching, adequate sleep4 can work wonders in helping to promote muscle health and overall wellbeing.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep – it’s your body’s reset button!

Lift your magnesium game

There’s a final game-changer we need to share – magnesium.

This mighty mineral – one of only seven essential macro-minerals we need to support healthy muscle function and contraction, as well as relaxation.

It also helps reduce the occurrence and severity of muscle cramps, and helps relieve mild muscle spasms when dietary intake is inadequate.

Additional benefits include helping to maintain energy levels, supporting a healthy stress response in the body and supporting electrolyte balance in the body.

Why choose Ultra Muscleze?

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Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a parent on the go, or an office warrior, Ultra Muscleze can be your companion in supporting muscle relaxation and wellbeing.

Taking care of your muscles is an investment in your active, joy-filled lifestyle.

* This post is brought to you by Ultra Muscleze. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


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