5 ways to get out of a rut in 2019

Fear is a huge obstacle to change – but deciding to take that first positive step is the hardest part.

If you’re stuck in a rut, only you can make the changes needed to improve your career, relationship and health.

But often we shy away from change, says Lisa Stephenson, success coach and author of Read Me First.

“We don’t trust what we’re capable of. We get stuck in who we were, not who we can be,” says Lisa.

“I find people have to be triggered into significant change, normally by trauma that makes them so sad, angry, frustrated or empty that they realise they have to do something.

“But it’s healthier emotionally to plan your life when things are calm – when you do things from a place of trauma and fear it can be difficult to make good decisions.”

If you want to change something in your life but don’t know how to get started or how to stay motivated, follow these five key steps:

1. Play and plan big

People diminish themselves, but this is your chance to live an amazing adventure.

“Do the veranda test: When you’re 80 years old and sitting on the veranda reflecting about your life, what do you want to be able to say, think and feel?” says Lisa.

“Successful people aren’t necessarily the most talented people or the ones with the most money, they’re the people prepared to be courageous and to trust they can live a big life.”

2. Make yourself your most important project

Projects have a vision, deadlines and use experts when needed.

Use the same approach for your own life.

“Think about what is and isn’t working and what you want to do differently. Talk to people who will tell you the truth about how they see your life is going,” says Lisa.

positive changes
Author Lisa Stephenson

3. Find your tribe

Elite athletes have a tribe to get them in peak condition, so surround yourself with people who will invest in helping you be the best version of yourself.

“Have a tribe whose agenda is supporting you,” says Lisa.

But be prepared that not everyone will support change – you may lose some people, but you’ll attract new people who share your vision.

4. Do what other people aren’t prepared to do

Change, whatever that look likes, takes hard work and commitment.

“A lot of people get stuck at the idea stage because the work is too difficult. Are you prepared to do what’s required? Will you make compromises and be committed even when initial motivation passes?” says Lisa.

5. Get uncomfortable

We learn most when we step outside our comfort zone and are being tested.

“Intentionally look for new experiences so you can work out what you are capable of,” suggests Lisa.

“Get that nervous feeling in your stomach and don’t confuse being busy with learning. It’s not the same.”

Written by Sarah Marinos.