Spa treatment: Why you need to pamper yourself

From lowered stress to better sleeping, a trip to the day spa can produce a host of health benefits. But can you also capture the experience at home?

Most of us visit a spa with one intention only: to relax and be pampered.

For some of us, though, that might come with a feeling of guilt – but it really shouldn’t.

Research shows visiting a spa comes with a side serving of health benefits.

A study by Loughborough University has found hot-water immersion may improve inflammation and metabolism.

And a Chongqing Medical University study has shown spa therapy (balneotherapy) can relieve mental stress, help with sleep issues and even improve common female ailments such as irregular menstruation patterns.

Why you need to pamper yourself

“The physical benefits of receiving regular treatments such as massage are endless,” Endeavour College of Natural Health massage lecturer, Stephanie Kanaris, says.

“But what always astounds me is watching the transformation of a client’s emotional state.

“They’ll come in stressed but leave relaxed or euphoric, giving verbal feedback about how they feel like a ‘different person’.”

A study by the University of Miami School of Medicine found those who signed up for just 15 minutes in a massage chair two times a week for five weeks reported feeling less anxious and more relaxed.

“Intuitively, we know taking time out for ourselves is good for our physical, emotional and mental state,” Stephanie says.

“In fact, we have data that shows that in the first days of freedom after lockdown in New South Wales, bookings for remedial massage went up 735 per cent while bookings for haircuts only went up by 600 per cent.

“People understand the importance of self-care.”

Why you need “me time”

Got an afternoon to yourself?

A visit to The Langham Sydney’s The Day Spa by Chuan is all about relaxing in an opulent environment and surrendering into the hands of its highly skilled experts, paid to melt away your tension.

If you’re unable to get to a day spa, however, the spa journey can easily be continued at home, says the hotel’s director of spa Malthi Nair.

“With the current climate and so many uncertainties floating around, prioritising ‘me time’ must be deemed a necessity for everyone,” Malthi says.

“Simple self-care activities such as walking, deep breathing, listening to music or having a chat with someone will not only reboot and recharge you, they (will) give a sense of self-gratification and inner peace.

“To continue the spa journey at home, you can put on your favourite music, slide into a warm and relaxing bath infused with aromatic bath salts and fragrant oils and, while at it, why not slather an invigorating facial mask with a lavender-infused Chuan eye mask for an extra pick-me-up?”

How to create a DIY pamper sesh

  • Run the ultimate bath. This means bubbles, a body scrub, favourite beverage, relaxing music, candles and, if you’re partial to a spot of reading while submerged in water, a book or magazine.
  • Have an in-home massage. Granted, it’s not quite the same as having a professional masseuse work on you, but investing in a hand-held massage roller or asking your partner for a massage can still feel pretty good.
  • Buy a new nail polish, soak your feet in Epsom salt, and do a DIY pedicure and manicure.
  • Give yourself a luxurious facial, complete with face mask, scrub, cleanser and toner.
  • Lock in a meditation session in a dark or dimly lit room. Apps such as Calm and Headspace can help you get started.

The trick? Finding a regular slot each week to give yourself the attention and care you deserve.

Written by Dilvin Yasa.