The House of Wellness TV Season 2 – Episode 9

The House of Wellness Season 2 – Episode 9

In this week’s show we focus on our anatomy and all the ways our body can help us maintain good health. First up, we find out what your hands have to say about your wellbeing with Bianca Chatfield, while James Tobin discovers what your nose knows about your health, taking the team on a smell challenge to test their senses. Plus we coach both parents and grandparents on how to lift their babies correctly to avoid back pain with physiotherapist Anna-Louise Bouvier, Gerald answers all your calls and questions, and the team are joined on the couch by former Miss Universe contestant Laura Dundovic, who shares her tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

Cast: Ed Phillips, Zoe Marshall, Jo Stanley and Gerald Quigley

Guests: Anna-Louise Bouvier, Paul Fenton-Smith, Garry Robinson, Janis McNicholas, Bianca Chatfield, James Tobin, and Laura Dundovic