23 easy ways to boost your health and wellness in 2023

Keen to make your health and wellness a priority in 2023? These expert tips will give you the inspiration and know-how to start the year on the right track.

The new year is a great time to turn over a new leaf and the good news is it only takes small changes to make a big difference.

These 23 simple tips will help make 2023 your healthiest year yet.


Ditch the diet

Shift Nutrition dietitian Skye Swaney says starting the year with a restrictive diet is the best way to set yourself up for failure.

“Make 2023 the year you stop dieting and start making small changes you can stick to,” Skye says.

Dine with purpose

Having dinner in front of the TV may seem harmless, but a study shows eating while distracted leads to weight gain.

“Engaging with our food not only means we enjoy it more, but we are also less likely to overeat,” Skye says.

Eat your greens

Upping your plant intake can improve gut health and reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer.

“Eating plenty of plant foods will not only increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and fibre, you’ll also feel more satisfied and cut down on saturated fat and added sugar,” Skye says.

Get nutty 

A handful of nuts a day could help keep the kilos away, according to new research that found people who eat 30-50g of almonds reduce their daily energy intake by 300 kilojoules. 

Pitch processed foods

In case you need any more convincing, a recent Australian study has backed growing evidence that highly processed foods are the leading cause of rising obesity rates.

Prioritise protein

This powerful macronutrient has major benefits for muscle gain, bone strength and metabolic health, and a new study shows it can also lessen weight gain during menopause.

Put the kettle on

Packed with healthy flavonoids, a daily cup of tea could help you enjoy better cardiovascular health late in life, according to new research. 

Skip the salt

How often you add salt to your meal increases your chance of developing heart disease, a new study has confirmed.


Be realistic

CreateFit Southbank director Simon Savage says small steps will lead to long-term fitness. 

“Sustainable changes are the best way to build good habits,” Simon says.

Buddy up for better results

New analysis suggests exercising with a more active friend boosts our physical activity.

“In 2023, get back to exercising and being active with friends and make it social,” Australian Fitness Academy managing director Steve Hore says.

Keep things interesting

Steve says exercise need not be a hard slog.  

“Mix it up by including a stretching session or yoga into your weekly routine,” he says.

Lift some weights

Doing cardio and weight training can help you live longer, according to new research that shows the combination reduces the risk of death by 41-47 per cent. 

Map your body

Take health metrics to the next level with a new iPhone app, Bodymap, which allows you to do a 3D body scan at home so you can track every inch of your progress.

Step it up

Taking 10,000 steps a day can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and death – and walking faster will supercharge the effects, new research has found.

Take an evening stroll

A new study shows exercising during the afternoon or evening can reduce insulin resistance by up to 25 per cent.


Book a holiday

Jetting off on a holiday is not only fun, it’s good for our mental and physical health, according to new research out of Edith Cowan University.

Get a pet

They fill our lives with joy – and it turns out fur babies are just as good for our health.

Research shows pet owners have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity – even just patting a dog is good for emotional development.

Make sleep a priority

Getting a good night’s sleep can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.

“It’s the only time we truly heal our body and brain, so you should take sleep seriously,” Witness The Fitness director Tristan Forbes says.

Practise meditation

Meditation is free, you can do it anywhere, and just 15 minutes is as good for us as a day of vacation.

Snap happiness

Taking a photo each day and posting it online can improve wellbeing, self-reflection and social connection, a new study has found.

Soak up some sun

Vitamin D keeps our bones and muscles healthy, and new research suggests it could help us to live longer as well – so enjoy the sunshine.

Tap into plant power

Indoor plants don’t just look good, they make us feel good too, increasing creativity and productivity and reducing stress.

Smile more

A Stanford University study has found just moving our facial muscles into a smile improves our mood – so put on your happy face. 

Written by Dimity Barber.