Poached fish with chard in coconut milk

6 October, 2021 . by Erica Sinni

Impress the family with this delicious dish. Plus they won’t even realise it’s healthy with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids.


Why you probably need more healthy fats in your diet

14 August, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

More energy, improved focus and staying fuller for longer are just some of the benefits healthy fats can bring to your life.


5 supplements that will help maximise your nutrient intake

22 June, 2021 . by Sarah Fennell

Overwhelmed by the array of supplements on offer? Make a beeline for the super stars that can make a real difference to your health and wellbeing.


Are you giving your kids the best possible lunchbox?

23 February, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell

Unless you’re a gourmet chef, coming up with easy, healthy and tasty school lunches is no small feat. But kids’ lunchboxes don’t need to be fancy to be healthy.


The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show 9th February

9 February, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell
https://www.houseofwellness.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/09022020-radio.mp3   In this week’s episode the team discuss: New research that suggests older Australians are drinking alcohol and taking medications at dangerous levels. Why Omega 3 fatty acids, in particular...

The secret ingredient transforming eyes

7 October, 2019 . by Michelle Rose

Tiny super-seeds from the humble kiwi fruit are proving a winner when it comes to anti-ageing goodness.


Surprisingly simple things you can do to help your mental health

19 September, 2019 . by Sarah Fennell

If you’re still feeling down as the last blast of winter looms, here’s 10 ways to keep your mental health on an even keel.


The lowdown on oils: Which are the best and worst for you?

21 August, 2019 . by Sarah Fennell

Do you know your olive oil from your canola oil or coconut oil? Here’s what you need you need to know – and which ones to avoid.


A vegetarian’s guide to the Mediterranean diet

8 May, 2019 . by Sarah Fennell

We hear a lot about the health benefits of the plant-based and seafood-rich Mediterranean diet. But can you follow it if you’re not a fan of fish?


Could Omega-3s improve kids’ behaviour?

20 October, 2018 . by Sarah Fennell

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for our hearts and brains – and they may help keep kids out of trouble, new research says.