Champion swimmer Emma McKeon: ‘Setbacks don’t have to stop you’

The most decorated Australian in Olympic history says there’s a certain power in not letting roadblocks obstruct you from achieving your goals.

An eight-time world record holder, Wollongong-born Emma McKeon has an incredible 11 Olympic medals to her name, for relay and individual events.

In 2022 the swimming sensation also smashed the record for the most Commonwealth medals ever, with six gold, one silver and one bronze, bringing her total count to 20.

The 29-year-old now has her sights firmly set on the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Despite her jam-packed trophy cabinet, Emma’s path to success hasn’t been without challenges. But Emma chooses to see these bumps in the road as a force for good.

“Setbacks and roadblocks don’t have to stop you – they can be something that sets you in a different direction, to get you to your goal,” Emma says.

“They can expose things that you need to take action on and open up doors to areas you need to work on, to get you to your goals.”

Nutrition and sleep key for all-round wellness

The swimmer is firm believer in holistic health.

“So many aspects need to work together for our wellness,” she says.

“Nutrition and sleep both have a huge effect on my training and competition, as well as my mindset and general happiness.

“I make sure I’m organised in getting enough good nutrition and I always get at least eight hours’ sleep a night.”

Booking in downtime

In her rare downtime, there’s one thing Emma always has on hand.

“I like to read, any kind of book really, whether it be a novel to take my mind off other things, or a biography,” she says.

“I love learning about other people’s stories and how they live their lives.”

Facing the world with Cetaphil

As a Cetaphil Face the World ambassador, Emma is part of the brand’s dream team of female athletes, alongside NRLW player Jessica Sergis, athlete Bendere Oboya, Matildas gun Hayley Raso, AFLW champion Erin Phillips, cricketer Beth Mooney and netball star Sunday Aryang.

After long days in the pool, Emma says nourishing her skin helps her put her best face forward.

“I always rinse and cleanse the chlorine off my skin as soon as I get out of the pool, and then plenty of moisturiser,” she reveals.

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