How plant power fuels three-time AFLW premiership player Erin Phillips

One of Australia’s most successful female athletes keeps things simple when it comes to fuelling her performance and her recovery.

She’s the two-time WNBA champion and dual Olympic basketballer who transitioned into women’s football to become its greatest star.

Joining the Adelaide Crows for the first AFLW season in 2017, Erin Phillips spent six seasons at the club, co-captaining the team from 2017 until before the 2021 season and winning three premierships along the way.

This year Erin will line up for Port Adelaide, following the footsteps of her father Greg, a Port legend and eight-time SANFL premiership player and club captain.

In case you’re not exhausted yet, the prodigiously gifted athlete and her retired American basketballer wife Tracy are also parents to five-year-old twins Brooklyn and Blake and three-year-old Drew.

“Yes, it’s a little busy,” Erin laughs, when speaking to The House of Wellness.

“Ever since I could walk and talk I wanted to be like dad and play for Port Adelaide, it just feels surreal that I’m doing that.”

Getting a plant-based boost

Passionate about health and fitness, her family and the welfare of animals and the planet, Erin says partnering with INC Sports Nutrition as their plant protein ambassador was a natural fit.

“I finally found a plant-based protein that didn’t taste like cardboard! The INC plant protein is awesome, and it isn’t just for athletes,” says the midfielder, who began following a vegan diet eight years ago after suffering chronic knee pain.

“If you’re looking for extra protein supplement in your diet or want to substitute a meal, the plant-based products are the best,” Erin says.

An Australian-owned company that truly understand the science of sports nutrition, INC’s plant range offers a vegan-friendly alternative for plant-based and vegan athletes looking for quality protein powders and bars.

Products are both informed-sports (so, free from banned substances) and Vegan Australia certified.

“I take the protein powder 30 minutes after my morning workout, whether it’s a bike or a weights session, to get protein back in after strenuous activity, and also in the evening,” Erin says.

“It’s great if you want a breakfast smoothie on the run. It fits in so well with my healthy diet.”

Following a plant-based diet has been life-changing, the sports star says.

“I can only speak from experience but I sleep better, I’ve had so much more energy, I get fewer colds and my body deals with inflammation way more effectively,” she enthuses.

Erin’s tips for staying on top of a busy routine

The elite athlete, 37, who also admits to a soft spot for crunchy peanut butter, says two other tools in her wellness arsenal are “following a good routine and mindfulness”.

“I started researching mindfulness when I realised everything and everyone around me is so busy — and I find it really helpful,” she says.

“When I’m overwhelmed, I look at my two feet on the ground, take some deep breaths into my stomach and try to be in the present. It really calms me and clears my mind.

“Tracy and I have a great routine around supporting the kids. I do get amazing support at home — Tracy sacrificed her career to support me and the kids, but I’m going to convince her to pull her basketball boots back on when I retire from footy,” Erin laughs.

“I hope that’s something we can do together in the future.”

Until then, Erin Phillips will be doing what she does best on the football field, wearing number 1, after being named as the captain of the expansion club.

“It’s a massive honour and privilege to lead this team with some incredible leaders next to me,” she says.