Saffron and reishi: A dynamic duo to balance your mood

Meet two plant-based ingredients that can help give your mood the nudge it needs to help you feel good and thrive.

Preserving our emotional wellbeing can be a tricky balance.

Whatever your personal situation, navigating the complexities of modern life no doubt involves managing the ebb and flow of daily emotions.

Which is why you may be seeking ways to find equilibrium.

If you need a little extra support, these two plant-based ingredients can help give your mood the nudge it needs to help you feel good and thrive.

Saffron: The golden elixir

Saffron, long celebrated for its exotic culinary usage, has more to offer beyond spice, colour and flavour. It can also support wellbeing.

Affron is a premium saffron extract that has been shown in clinical trials123 to support a healthy, balanced mood in teenagers and adults, relieve symptoms of stress and mild anxiety, and support refreshing sleep.

Even more notably, affron was named Ingredient of the Year for Cognitive Health in the 2020 NutraIngredients Awards (USA).

Reishi: Nature’s calming essence

This mushroom has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine (TCM) to calm the mind and spirit as well as relieve mild anxiety symptoms and restlessness.

Reishi is also used in TCM as a qi tonic.

According to TCM, qi is life force or vital energy.

An inspired creation

When it comes to emotional resilience, you cannot underestimate the role of essential nutrients as part of your wellbeing toolkit.

This was the genesis for Fusion Health Mood Support, which was rooted in Australia’s growing demand for mental health support4.

As well as saffron (affron) and reishi, this Australian-made blend also contains essential vitamins and minerals for an added boost. Vitamin B5 supports energy levels and a healthy stress response in the body, vitamin B6 maintains nervous system function and contributes to the production of neurotransmitters – or “feel-good hormones” – such as serotonin – while zinc supports brain function, energy production and cognitive function.

In a world where our emotional wellbeing faces constant challenges, Fusion Health Mood Support offers a holistic formula to help support healthy mood balance in adults and teens.

This article is brought to you by Fusion Health Mood Support. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.



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